Coming Soon: The Sail Away Journal

Coming Soon: The Sail Away Journal

Now Live – The Sail Away Journal:  Stop Dreaming, Start Planning.

The Sail Away Journal is for anyone who dreams of selling it all and sailing away, or for anyone who dreams of going on an extended adventure or sabbatical. The Sail Away Journal is intended to do the following:

  1. Lead you through a yearly and monthly cadence of planning to help you stay on course, counting down 3 years to your official launch.
  2. Walk you through an exercise to calculate the savings needed for your adventure, and how much you need to save monthly to hit your target.  You are prompted to recalculate your monthly savings target on an annual basis.
  3. Provide logs for keeping track of boat name ideas, acquiring skills for your new lifestyle, provisioning ideas, and some blank pages for other items you may want to list or track.
  4. Inspiration via adventure-themed quotes, and through the exercise of writing your thoughts and recording your desires and fears around your future travels.

Benefits of the method used in the Sail Away Journal:

  • Plan – Putting pen to paper and fleshing out your dream takes it to the next level, into a plan with actionable steps to success.
  • Engage – By spending time in the Sail Away Journal, you will be engaged in thinking about and planning for your adventure.
  • Focus – The exercises in the Sail Away Journal will keep you focused on making progress towards your launch date.
  • Track – Measuring and tracking your progress will give you structure on taking each new step towards your adventure.
  • Succeed – The Sail Away Journal is a tool that will help you realize your dream. However, its just a tool. YOU are the key to making it happen.

If you’re ready to take that step from dreaming to planning, my upcoming journal will help you take it to the next level.  Its a labor of love, designed for my own family – to track our progress and help us plan for our own launch date.

A hard copy of the journal will be available for pre-purchase soon on Kickstarter. Check back soon!

A digital version may be available in the future at a discounted price.



Hi. I'm a wife and mother of three children. I'm also a financial director and analyst in the healthcare industry. I'm interested in sailing, the ocean, film making and editing, travel, and photography. I live with my family in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

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