How It All Started

How It All Started

I grew up in a little fishing and tourist town on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, a few miles from Cook Inlet. My Dad owned a boat, and we spent summers on the Kenai River fishing for salmon. My Dad was the adventurous type. For years he wanted to buy a sailboat, but plans fell through and he never fulfilled his dream. Eventually he gave up and settled for golf.

Despite my Dad’s dream, the idea of living on a sailboat, or even owning a sailboat, never occurred to me. Not until I stumbled on a book on options trading titled Live on the Margin by Patrick Schulte and Nick O’Kelly. It opened my eyes to the idea of living on a sailboat and sailing the world.

The realization that this lifestyle embodied pretty much everything I want (travel, freedom from corporate life & suburbia, ocean adventures), I was hooked on the idea. I’ve spent the past few years trying to convince the Captain that we can save the money and make it happen, and I think I’m slowly chipping away at any reservations.

We took our ASA 101 sailing class before our 1st stowaway arrived, and have been watching a few sailing vlogs while we wait on stowaway #2 (July 2018). Vlogs we currently enjoy are Sailing Zatara and SV PRISM on Youtube.

Next weekend we fly to Richmond, CA to attend the Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show. We will tour liveaboard boats in person, and get a feel for what we like. Check back for pics and thoughts on our impressions of real sailboats!



Hi. I'm a wife and mother of three children. I'm also a financial director and analyst in the healthcare industry. I'm interested in sailing, the ocean, film making and editing, travel, and photography. I live with my family in beautiful Bend, Oregon.


  1. I actually have some fans on a facebook page related to this stuff. I’ll share your post with them and see what they have to say. I’m sure they’ll love it though.

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