Our First Tour of Real Sailboats

Our First Tour of Real Sailboats

I’ve been shopping boats online for years now.  Our trip to the Pacific Sail and Power Show was the first time to tour real sailboats that were in our size range.

On Saturday we toured several boats, including the Beneteaus, Jeanneaus, and the one Hanse model. They were all impressive, but the Beneteaus were a bit dark on the inside due to a lack of windows and hatches. The 45 Jeanneau we viewed was a pretty boat, but the kitchen was horizontal and seemed impractical for use while underway. It also didn’t have the comfy feeling that some of the other models had. The kind of comfy feeling you’d want if your boat was also your home.

The Hanse was impressive, and immediately became my favorite.  It was light and bright, and I really liked the owner’s cabin, shower and head. The kitchen was cozy, and I could definitely see us living on that boat.

We Missed the Prism Crew

We heard the crew of SV Prism was hanging out under the Beneteau tent on Saturday.  As big fans of their vLog, we were sorry we missed an opportunity to say hi to them and ask them a few questions about their travels.  Maybe next time!

Older Vessels

Jeanneau 43 DS Cockpit

Jeanneau 43 DS Cockpit

We were invited to view some older used boats on Sunday morning at a different marina, and thought it would be a good idea to see boats  in our price range. All of the boats were nicer than I expected, especially given their age. If we had the funds now, I would have been thrilled to buy the 2002 Jeanneau Sun Oddysey 43 DS and sail away.

Lots of light, wonderful interior design, easy access to the engine, and perfect size for us.  We still have a few years before we can buy, but that is the style of boat I picture us in one day.


Jeanneau 43 DS Salon

Jeanneau 43 DS Salon

Observations about sailboats after touring them for the first time:

1) There was way more headroom than I expected, which is good for James, who is 6’3″.
2) The older boats we toured were in better condition than I expected, and prices considerably more realistic than the newer boats.
3) I’m more excited than ever to live on a boat after being on them and getting a feel for what the space is like.
4) Our stowaway likes to steer.


The worst part about the show was knowing we have around 3 years to go before we buy a boat.  I’m excited for when we can get out on the water for our ASA 103/104 courses – a 3 day trip to Catalina island and back from San Diego.



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