Countdown to Sailing: June Activities

Countdown to Sailing: June Activities

During the month of June, the Countdown to Sailing crew (and countdown to baby!) are engaging in a variety of activities outside of regular work and play.  In addition to Lizzie celebrating her 1st birthday this month, we are soaking in the sun and backyard pool fun.  Here are updates on what we’re studying, buying, doing for fun, trading in our tastyworks acccount, and what recently inspired me.  Please share feedback in the comments below.

What I’m studying film editing courses. This Introduction to Video Editing course was excellent. In anticipation of launching a sailing video log someday. I’m learning the basics of how to film and edit video, and how to construct a story in video format. This is a creative endeavor that I’m looking forward to.

What I’m buying

Accessories for filming on my smartphone.  This way I can capture footage to practice film editing without spending alot of cash on a DSLR.  This week I bought two items on Amazon:

SUPON U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig, Phone Movies Mount Handle Grip Stabilizer, Filmmaking Recording Rig Case for Video Maker Filmmaker Videographer — Fits iPhone, Samsung, HuaWei,and all Phones

Albott 70 Inch Digital SLR Camera Aluminum Travel Portable Tripod Monopod with Carry Bag

What we’re watching

So many Youtube sailing video logs! We sadly ran out of SV Prism and Sailing Zatara episodes. We watched all of the Shaggy Seas episodes, some La Vagabonde, and are looking for a really good vlog with young kids aboard. Please comment if you know of one!

What we’re doing for fun

Spending time in our backyard pool! At 31 weeks pregnant, the pool is the best place for me to get some exercise and relax. We bought a kiddie pool for Lizzie, and she is enjoying it immensely. We can keep it in the shade, protecting her from  the AZ sun.

What inspired me this week

On the Cruisers Forum, there’s a neat thread posted by a lady who had a dream to live on a boat. In it she writes (excerpt), “The trouble is, I’m landlocked, have no experience, am female, single (recently divorced) and middle-aged (ugh!! I hate that term — still feel 29!). But the sea is in my blood, and I know it’s where I belong. I spent all my childhood summers on an island in Maine with my grandparents, I have my father’s adventuresome spirit (he had his own sailboat and a plane) and my mother’s strength and survival skills. I’m so ready to make that leap into the unknown that it’s making me crazy! Actually, friends and family who see what direction I’m heading are beginning to question my sanity lately. …And I don’t care!!!”

I didn’t realize until the 3rd or 4th page of encouragement replies from sailors that she had originally posted back in 2013. Then she posted again in 2018 with a surprise update! If interested, you can follow the thread here:  Major leap of faith… Call me crazy (I don’t care!)

What I’m trading

The market has been rocky the last couple of weeks. My portfolio dropped 1.5% last week. After having months of stellar results, one week down isn’t a huge deal, but of course, I’d rather it always be up!

A few equities I’m currently trading in our tastyworks account are $AMD, $MU, $TSLA, and $VALE. I have several short put positions (a synthetic long or bullish position) on various equity stocks.  These type of positions take time for the extrinsic value to decay.  As it decays, I make money and the buyer loses money. I should be able to close most of the positions for a profit within the next 2 weeks.

Regardless of outcome, I will post an update to our sailing fund after June 8th. Our sailing fund is updated on a lunar month cycle, as we always record our gains/losses on payday, every other Friday. I update every other payday.

The information I provide on our personal portfolio is not to be taken as trading advice. Trading is highly speculative, and decisions on what to trade should be yours and yours alone.



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